HD is approximately 2,073,600 Pixels

4K & Ultra HD is over 8,294,400 Pixels

4K & Ultra High Definition (UHD) provides stunning crytal clear images allowing for a Large Screen Immersive Experience. 4K & UHD contains over 8,294,400 pixels of resolution compared to 2,073,600 pixels with Standard High Definition, providing over 4 times the detail. Other advantages of 4K & UHD include the use of High Dynamic Range and Wider Color Gammut which produce vibrant, vivid colors and higher contrast levels adding more detail and depth of field for a true Three Dimmensioanl Visual Experiance.

4K & UHD Resolution

4K contains 8,847,360 pixels of resolution as compared to 2,073,600 pixels displayed by Standard High Definition which provides over 4 times the detail.

4K Digital Cinema: 4096 x 2160

Ultra High Definition: 3840 x 2160

2K Digital Cinema: 2048 x 1080

High Definition: 1920 x 1080

4K & UHD High Dynamic Range

4K & UHD High Dynamic Range provides higher levels of chroma and luminance resulting in brighter life-like images increasing the depth of field for a true Three Dimensional Visual Experiance.

4K & UHD Color Space

4K & UHD REC2020 Color Space provides a highly advanced dynamic range of color surpassing both DCI and REC 709 color space. REC2020 is the new Digital Cinema standard based upon 4K and 8K resolution, 12-bit color depth, and chroma/luminance of 4:4:4.