Our professional staff works closely with Custom AV Dealers, System Designers & Integrators to build the Ultimate Digital Cinema Experience for Theatre Owners. Quantum Media Systems provides DCI Compliant Theatrical Systems including 4K/2K Digital Cinema Projection, Cinema Masking Screens, 4K Digital Cinema Playback Servers and Content.

We provide additional services which include DCI System Design, Engineering, Consulting, On-Site Commisioning, Calibration & DCI Certification. Theatre Owners can now present Digital Cinema Movie Content that contains the highest level of Image Quality and Sound Fidelity just as the movie director intended.

4K Ultra High Definition Digital Cinema Projection


Our digital cinema projectors provide the latest in 4K Resolution, Digital Cinema Color Space, and High Dynamic Range. These projectors combined with a 4K Cinema Masking Screen and Precise Light Level Calibration will reproduce the Digital Cinema Experience as the Director intended.

Dolby ATMOS & AURO 3D Immersive Audio Surround


Our system is design with the latest in surround sound technology used in Commerical Theaters for the Ultimate Immersice Audio Experience. 

4K Digital Cinema Server & 4K Digital Image Processing


Our servers and image processors provide the highest qualtiy in Major Motion Picture Movie playback of 4K/2K Resolution, DCI Color Space, 4:4:4, 12Bit Color Depth, and Immersive Audio Surround decoding. Home owners can now play Digital Cinema Movies at the same level as the best Commerical Theaters.

Digital Cinema Design & Acoustics


Quantum Media Systems provides the latest in Major Motion Picture Movie Exhibition utilizing the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) specifications used in Movie Theaters, Screening Rooms, and Hollywood Post Production Studios. Our team of specialists insures the Ultimate Cinema AV Performance combined with Acoustical Engineered Interior Design that best fits the home owners lifestyle.