Quantum Media Systems provides the latest in Multi-Media Products, Design, Engineering & Consulting Services for Custom AV Dealers & System Integrators to help build the Ultimate Entertainment Venue. These systems are scalable from a performance and from a budget perspective. Our technology professionals will customize each project from the ground up for various applications such as Private Theaters, Screening Rooms, Post Production, Digital Signage, Control Rooms, Higher Education, and Board Rooms.

Digital Cinema
4K RGB Laser
4K Laser Phospher
2K Laser Phospher
Digital Cinema Server
4K Image Processor
1.4" DLP 3-Chip
4096 x 2160
5,000/10,000 Lumens
RGB Laser Light
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1.4" DLP 3-Chip
4096 x 2160
12,000 Lumens
Laser Phospher
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.69" DLP 3-Chip
2048 x 1080
6,000/9,000 Lumens
Laser Phospher
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3U Rack Space
8 Hot Swappable HDD
32 TB of Storage
CRU Drive Bay
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4K Ultra HD
Geometry Correction
Advanced Processing
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RGB Laser Light Source

RGB Laser uses pure laser technology were Red, Green and Blue lasers deliver the light directly. The product of this technique is an absolutely pure colored light that is split into three channels. The light is emitted in a very narrow band in discrete frequencies. This makes it possible to realize a color space that reaches REC2020 therefore exceeding even that of AdobeRGB.

Laser Phospher Light Source

Laser Phospher uses an array of laser sources illuminating a microdisplay engine. A blue laser is used for creating the blue color in the final image, but the blue laser is also used to illuminate a yellow phospher wheel, which emits yellow light. This yellow light is then split by a prism or color wheel into green and red light.

Laser Light Source Advantages
REC2020 Color Space RGB Laser
Consistant Light Output
Higher Contrast Levels
Wider Color Gamut
Brightness Uniformity
Lower Energy Consumption
20,000 Hour Life Span
No Bulb Replacement
Lower Maintenace Costs
4K Resolution
Color Bit Depth
Codec Compression
Color Space
Chroma Subsampling
High Dynamic Range

Digital Cinema 4K & 2K Resolution

Digital Cinema Package (DCP) playback of 4K resolution contains up to 8,847,360 pixels and 2K resolution contains up to 2,211,840 pixels. Combined with high quality playback codecs and high-resolution, Digital Cinema provides large screen viewing for an Immersive Visual Experience.

Digital Cinema JPEG2000 Codec

Digital Cinema Package (DCP) playback using JPEG2000 codec provides Visually Loseless Compression for manageable theatrical movie playback file size while maintaining image quality.

JPEG2000 fares extremely well with the reconstructed video being virtualy identical to the source. In contrast, BluRay movie files use MPEG codecs for High Level Compression to create a more compact movie file size designed to fit on a small disc, thus the image quality is compromised.

Digital Cinema P3 Color Space 

A color space is a predefined specification that delineates a particular group of colors and is mapped into a device’s gamut so that the device’s colors correspond to real-world colors. DCI-P3 refers to the color space used in the Digital Cinema industry which encompasses much more than REC709 (Bluray Discs). Hollywood films are sent to commerical theaters in DCI-P3 in order to match the gamut of the digital projection equipment that is used. As the Digital Cinema standard, all DCP movie files are encoded with 4:4:4 (Chroma and Luminance) and with 12 bit color depth to maintain extremely high image quality.

Dolby ATMOS Surround

Dolby Atmos redefines the cinema experience by offering content creators new ways to tell their stories. It adds the ability to control distinct sound elements in a soundtrack to the traditional channel-based approach for mixing, and it ensures that the audience experience is always the best possible for the specific playback environment.

Auro 3D Audio

Auro 3D Audio features the critical component in the accurate playback of native 3D audio content - HEIGHT - by using a speaker layout that constructs three vertical layers around the listener. This advanced configuration is capable of reproducing highly accurate, native 3D audio for a superior immersive experience.


Our professional staff works closely with Custom AV Dealers, System Designers & Integrators to build the Ultimate Digital Cinema Experiance. Quantum Media Systems provides DCI Compliant 4K/2K Cinema Projection Systems, Cinema Masking Screens, 4K Digital Cinema Playback Servers and Content. Additional services include DCI System Design, Engineering, Consulting, On-Site Commisioning, Calibration & DCI Certification.

4K Ultra High Definition Digital Cinema Projection

Our digital cinema projectors provide the latest in 4K Resolution, Digital Cinema Color Space, and High Dynamic Range. These projectors combined with a 4K Cinema Masking Screen and Precise Light Level Calibration will reproduce the Digital Cinema Experience as the Director intended.

Our system is design with the latest in surround sound technology used in Commerical Theaters for the Ultimate Immersice Audio Experience.

Dolby ATMOS & AURO 3D Immersive Audio Surround

4K Digital Cinema Server & 4K Digital Image Processing

Our servers and image processors provide the highest qualtiy in Major Motion Picture Movie playback of 4K/2K Resolution, DCI Color Space, 4:4:4, 12Bit Color Depth, and Immersive Audio Surround decoding. Home owners can now play Digital Cinema Movies at the same level as the best Commerical Theaters.

Digital Cinema Design & Acoustics

Quantum Media Systems provides the latest in Major Motion Picture Movie Exhibition utilizing the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) specifications used in Movie Theaters, Screening Rooms, and Hollywood Post Production Studios. Our team of specialists insures the Ultimate Cinema AV Performance combined with Acoustical Engineered Interior Design that best fits the home owners lifestyle.


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